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Slot from Igrosoft - Fruit Cocktail

Strawberries free slot machine – a real delight for the eyes of players who still remember the special mood that prevailed in "physical" casinos. The feeling of nostalgia is easily explained by the fact that the interface of the slot replicates the appearance of a typical slot machine that stood in all casinos at the time of their availability.

Despite the traditional nature of the device, it still remains attractive for visitors of gambling clubs. It's not only due to nostalgia for the past, but also due to the appeal of Fruit Cocktail online slot even for young and sophisticated players. It is very colorful, cute, and pays well. What else do you need for a successful and fun game?

Strawberry slot machine is a free game without registration

For those who are already familiar with the products of the Russian company Igrosoft, using the "fruit" slot will not be difficult. But it is also quite easy for complete beginners. Before starting a free game on the Strawberry slot machine, which is launched by the "start" button, the player must first select the number of paylines and place bets on them. Only an odd number of lines can be used in the game. The automatic game is also started using the corresponding button. All detailed information is available to the user in the "Help" section.

If a player gets a winning combination, the Risk game becomes available to him. This is the traditional way to double your winnings. It becomes available after the player receives a winning combination and clicks the "Bet" button.
The risk game of the Fruit Cocktail machine can bring great success, and it is not difficult. To take part in the doubling game, after receiving a winning combination, click on the "Bet" button. The rest is a matter of luck. To win, the player has to open the cards that appear on the screen, lying "face down". If each of them is higher than the starting card, then the user gets the opportunity to double his winnings 5 times. In other cases, the winning amount depends on the number of correctly opened cards.

Fruit Cocktail online slot features

Despite this "frivolous" theme, Fruit Cocktail slot machine gives good winnings and is very popular with users of different generations, and with both beginners and experienced players.

The most "expensive" symbol in the game is its logo. The winning combination consists of three identical symbols with a possible replacement with a wild symbol. Wild has the ability to replace any game symbols, except the scatter symbol, which in this game is represented by a "humanoid" strawberry. Also, the wild symbol cannot replace the logo - a cocktail of all fruits.

If the player is lucky, he can get a combination consisting only of wild symbols. It will bring the user the second largest win (the largest is a combination of logos).

Scatter - strawberry - has only one property. If it appears, the bonus game starts. Even if the player is lucky enough to get three or more scatters, he will not get any additional bonuses.

Fruit Cocktail bonus game

The bonus game will bring the player a considerable profit. It will open an additional screen with three reels. When they are rotated, three symbols are selected. At the same time, a random symbol in the chain is selected. If the image on the main reel coincides with this symbol, the player receives a bet increased several times. Its value depends on the type of matching icons. If these are two fruit logos, the player will increase his winnings by 100 times at once.
But there are "exit" signs on the field as well. There are four of them, and they are in the corners. If the reel stops on them, the bonus round ends and the player is left with nothing.

The number of rounds is directly related to how many strawberries – scatter symbols – the player gets. Three berries will bring one round, and five will give three rounds. It is physically impossible to predict the result of the game, because it all depends on which symbol the rotation will stop.

This fruit slot machine has a lot of advantages, so it is worth playing for anyone – both for those who already has experience playing such slots, and for those who have never tried it before.

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