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Igrosoft is a manufacturer of high-quality online slot machines for casinos. The company's licensed software is characterized by high quality and attractiveness for players, which is due to the simplicity of the game and the high levels of return.

Igrosoft has been working since 1999, producing popular slots and slot machine boards. It started its work with real gambling devices that were installed in gambling halls and casinos. But after the laws against gambling were passed, casinos gradually moved to the virtual space. There is a demand for high-quality, well-designed, winning and interesting slot machines.

Play for free Slot machines from Igrosoft

Online casinos number grew rapidly, so Igrosoft quickly switched its activities to creating spectacular online slots. Many of them repeated the ideas of real slot machines – "one-armed bandits" that previously stood in every gambling club.

Igrosoft slot machines features

A distinctive feature of the Russian company Igrosoft is the small number of released slots. There are barely a couple of dozen of them, but this does not affect the popularity of these developments in any way. The main reason for Igrosoft slots attractiveness is the use of an interface that successfully reproduces the appearance of old slot machines.

For players with a lot of experience and knowledge, they symbolize the era when you could fully enjoy the atmosphere of the game room. It was a special community of like-minded people. People came to the casino not only to play, but also to communicate. This spirit is appreciated by experienced users in Igrosoft slots. For beginners, this design and motives are truly exotic, because they "grew up" on more elaborate and advanced slots.

Attractive features in Igrosoft's developments are as following: the classic look, simplified design and game motifs, music that is typical for slot machines from past eras, and a simple interface. But all this does not mean that these are outdated games. This is new developments, but to create their own slot machines, the provider's specialists use a special approach. This is their specific "feature" that made Igrosoft slots recognizable at first glance. They differ sharply from the developments of other companies and have a distinct personality, and for most users this is extremely important.

Despite the fact that the company has created a lot of slots on different subjects, when you mention its works, the first thing you remember is the "fruit" slot machine, known in our country as "Strawberry". Its design and functionality can be considered the basis of all other slot machines of the brand. It reflects the main trends used in all other Igrosoft slots:

  • Very bright, catchy and memorable design.
  • A typical layout, which includes five reels and most often 9 paylines.
  • Additional bonus and risk rounds that increase the possibility of winning.
  • Funny or unusual storyline.

Despite the fact that the company's developments often use a standard structure, there are also unusual "deviations" from the tradition. For example, the Crazy Monkey slot - one of the most popular - uses an unusual approach to grouping winning symbols. Usually, a successful combination is started from the left edge, and in this Igrosoft slot, such combinations can be formed both from the left and from the right side. This successful approach is used not only in "Monkey", but also in many other slots of the company.

Also, the company's slot machines often use unusual solutions that contrast nicely with the classic look of the interface. For example, in all games, the game symbol usually has the highest value, followed by the wild symbol that can replace all others except the highest. The cost of the wild is about half that of the main symbol. This trend is repeated in all developer's games.

The doubling game is also standard. It follows a standard pattern, where one card is face-up, and four more are face-down. The level of profit depends on which cards he will open.

The most popular slot machines from Igrosoft

The most popular slots in this developer's product line are the following:

  • Fruit cocktail 1 and 2.
  • Crazy Monkey.
  • Resident.
  • Rock Climber.
  • Pumpkin Fairy.
  • Island 1, 2.
  • Sweet life and many others.

Slot machines from the Russian developer Igrosoft are constantly included in the top five slots ratings. They are simple, interesting and profitable, and this is all you need to enjoy great popularity among casino visitors.

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