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Sweden has become the birthplace not only of famous rock and pop musicians, but also has given the world several talented developers of online casino software. Among them, thunderkick takes a deservedly high place. It is famous for the unusual design of its slot machines, the variety of themes used, high payouts and unusual gameplay solutions. This manufacturer has a lot of fans in different age groups of casino visitors.
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Play slot machines from Thunderkick for free

The company was established relatively recently – in 2012. The first two years it tried to "get on its feet", but in 2014 Thunderkick began to produce slot machines that players liked very much and which became hits. The fact that part of the developer team used to be part of the staff of another talented company from Sweden – NetEnt - contributed a lot to the success. So the youth and audacity does not always have a negative effect. The creators managed to use their knowledge wisely. Their creation soon became no less popular than the work of their former business associate.

Thunderkick pays great attention to the safety of casino users. Thunderkick has a license from Malta, which in itself is a guarantee that there is no danger when using their slots. In addition, the most modern encryption methods are used. All automata are made in HTML5 without using Flash. The use of advanced developments is not surprising, because the company itself and its employees are young and pay a lot of attention to advanced technologies and the most popular areas in the development of gaming software.

An interesting fact is that Thunderkick always uses 5 reels in its games, but the number of pay lines can be different, in addition, they can be either fixed or have the ability to be selected.

How to play Thunderkick slot machines?

You can play Thunderkick slot machines for free on the free demo version or with a cash deposit. In the latter case, the player has every chance to get significant winnings, since the return on Thunderkick slots is high, and the games themselves use numerous additional rounds and bonus spins.

In addition, there is a special downloadable version that allows you to use slot machines even if you have a weak Internet connection. You can also play via your browser. So the company pays a lot of attention to modern technologies, especially to constantly developing mobile devices.

Now the team of young and creative developers pays all their attention to slot machines.
The list of Thunderkick works contains many great games, among which it is not easy to choose even the top ten, because they are all very popular and well-known to numerous users from all over the world.

Despite the fact that the developers are originally from Sweden, they have not limited players to choosing of a pair of languages. They are multilingual, so they can be played by people who only know their native language. In addition to Russian and English, the list of available languages has a couple of dozen of the most common, including most Eastern European ones.

In addition to a multi-functional display, excellent graphics and animation, Thunderkick free slot machines offer users a wide range of bets, an excellent return percentage, free spins, various types of bonuses and additional games. All this significantly increases the possibility of winning, sometimes increases it quite a lot.

In addition, every online slot machine is a real work of art. It will give not only money, but also a lot of thrills. This is a great way to relax, and have fun.

Since Thunderkick is a young and energetic company, it is hoped that in the near future It will begin to expand their range of casino games. Its range will include such popular entertainment as table and card games, lotteries and scratch cards, and much more. With such a level of talent and technical capabilities, there is no doubt that these developments of the Swedish manufacturer will also be very interesting and profitable.

Best thunderkick slot machines

Bright design and interesting plot distinguish all slots from this provider, but among all the splendor, the following stand out:

  • Bork the Berserker.
  • Exqueleto Explosivo.
  • Fruit Warp.
  • Toki Time.
  • Magicious.
  • Arcader.

This young company has a great future. Based on the imagination and imagination of Thunderkick employees, any new slot becomes a real discovery and revelation.

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