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Slot from Igrosoft - Island

The developer of slot machines for casinos Igrosoft is famous for its ability to embody very interesting and exciting stories in a simple and understandable form. The "Island" slot, which is also known to users as "Robinson", is no exception. In it, players find themselves with Robinson on a desert island and enjoy many adventures.

The game is based on the Igrosoft system, which is familiar to all fans of slot machines. There are 5 reels and 9 paylines, and all the symbols in the game are tied to the history of Robinson. The user can apply a regular bet per line or choose the maximum bet of 25 coins per line. Since the slot uses an adventure theme, the player gets the opportunity to fully enjoy not only his winnings, but also interesting situations that the game character gets into during the course of the action.

Slot machine Island is a free game without registration

The interface of the free slot machine is standard for games of this developer. It replicates the appearance of classic slots, but transferred to the screen of a computer device. The buttons and all the game control functions are exactly the same as those of the other Igrosoft slot machines. Only the plot and design of the slot changes.
The background for the reels is Robinson himself, lying on a wooden raft in the middle of the ocean. He is accompanied by a seagull and a small island in the distance.

Playing this slot machine is easy and very exciting. The principle of the main game is standard. The player has to collect a chain of at least three identical symbols, each of which has its own value. Winning symbols can be collected both on the right and on the left of the game line.

If the player is particularly lucky and gets special symbols of the game – wild and bonus ones, he will have the opportunity to prove his luck in the bonus game. It takes place in several stages and can either ruin the player's win or make him a very wealthy person.

If the user is particularly lucky, he will be able to take part in the risk game, doubling his winnings if he win.
Symbols and coefficients of the online Robinson slot machine
The slot machine uses various symbols associated with Robinson's adventures. They have different values and can bring the user not only prizes of different values, but also start bonus rounds and risk games.
To win, it is required to get at least three identical symbols.

The game uses such characteristic features of sea adventures as a lifebuoy, a large sea turtle, a steering wheel, an opened tin can, a seagull and a bottle with a note – the last hope for saving a person who was stranded on an island.

The following symbols are the most important and valuable for the user:

  • The "Island" sign is the most expensive symbol in the game.
  • A Dolphin marked "Joker" is the Wild symbol.
  • The image of a tropical island on a blue sea background is the Bonus symbol.

All these symbols not only look nice, but can also bring users considerable benefits.

Bonus and Risk game on the Island

After the player obtains a match of three or more identical symbols, he gets into a very profitable bonus game. It opens on a separate screen and shows Robinson desperately swimming to the shore. The thing is that there are fins in the water. The user's task is to help Robinson get to the island unharmed. To do this, it is required to open only the fins belonging to dolphins. Every such fin brings the player a prize.

If there is a shark, the round is over, and the money is lost in the sea.
A lucky player who has correctly opened all five Dolphin fins gets a ticket to the next round. In it, Robinson is going to eat, and his food is hanging on two palm trees. The player must choose the one on which the food is suspended, because the second one is just a trick. It is interesting that even a loss in the second part of the bonus game will not deprive the user of his prize.

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