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Slot from Igrosoft - Pumpkin Fairy

Igrosoft company from the Russian Federation has been operating since 1999. During its work, it has achieved worldwide success by delivering high-quality and interesting slot machines to the online entertainment market.

One of the achievements of Igrosoft was an online slot machine called "Pumpkin Fairy", which is known among players as "Witch". This slot has a simple and intuitive interface with a modest but bright and expressive design. The viewer is presented with a screen that resembles a traditional gaming background, which was used in devices that used to stand in real gaming halls.

Pumpkin Fairy slot machine is a free game without registration

Despite the somewhat frivolous cartoonish design and intense colors, the winnings on this free slot machine can be quite solid and serious. The Pumpkin Fairy online slot is notable at least for the fact that it was the first release by this company in 9 years. Although nothing special can be found in this game, the developer is clearly progressing. Unlike previous issues, "Pumpkin Fairy" has a clearly more modern and interesting theme, which is a tribute to the very popular theme of Halloween. This idea is confirmed by the combination of a witch and a large number of pumpkins, very characteristic of this fashionable holiday.

The plot is simple and uncomplicated, but interesting enough. The main character is a young fairy or witch. She is an original mix of Harry Potter and the traditional red-haired witch in a pointed hat. She is busy growing pumpkins for Halloween, so the choice of items for symbols in this game is quite logical. This is a bag of pumpkin seeds, a shovel, a purple witch hat, a watering can, a book of spells, a magic ball, and a magic wand.

In a normal game, the standard principle for all slots from Igrosoft is used. First, the player has to decide on the bids for each of the lines and choose the optimal number of lines. If three or more symbols form a chain to the right or left of the edge of the reel, a bonus game is available to the player.

If the chain is formed by three watering cans, the player can fill nine drops that "flow" from the collected watering cans with water. This will give him an extra prize in the bonus game. If two symbols are supplemented with a pumpkin - a substitute for the scatter symbol - the player gets the same result as it would be when getting a line of identical symbols, that is, the scatter replaces the missing element.

The greatest profit comes from the logo of the game. It is a multiplier that can increase the profit from the game by five thousand times. The logo is "included" in the action if a five in a line appear. Five scatters in a row will bring the player a profit of 2 thousand game credits.

The game uses a scatter in the form of a watering can, and a wild symbol in the form of a magic wand.

Bonus game of the Pumpkin Fairy online slot machine

In this slot machine, the user is invited to take a risk by choosing cards in hope that their value will be larger than that of a slot's card. The difference from previous versions is that the player does not see the card which he competes with before deciding whether to take his winnings or take a risk.

This slot has two bonus games. Getting into the bonus round is traditional. It is required to get three or more images of a pumpkin in a chain. After that, in the bonus game, the sorceress needs to grow five pumpkins. They appear before the fairy in the form of five sprouts. In order to get pumpkins, they need to be watered from a watering can. If successful - the pumpkin will instantly grow. This will bring the player anywhere from 1 to 50 points, the average "income" is 5 points. When the water is watering cans is used up, the witch will have to use magic to call the rain. But the cloud can either water the pumpkin, or destroy it with lightning. Lightning hit is the end of the first bonus round. The collected points are added together and multiplied by the bet. This is the player's winnings.

A lucky player can grow five pumpkins with the help of a witch. They must be exchanged for a magic wand - a wild symbol. If the player is not lucky, the fairy will become a toad. If the player is lucky, he will get a multiplier from 50 to 200.

Everything that was won in the first bonus game does not disappear even in the case of transformation of a fairy into a toad.

This slot is extremely interesting for its theme and unusual game principles. In this context, it is not surprising that this slot, which was released only in March 2019, is wildly popular.

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