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Slot from Igrosoft - Resident

Detective stories are loved by everyone, both in books and movies. This love extends to slot machines with similar themes. The slot provides users with a stylish and dynamic story, an attractive main character, an interesting development of events and the opportunity to win a considerable amount of money while having fun.

The original design, which follows the appearance of traditional slot machines that were used in many casinos before the ban on gambling, is also popular with everyone. For beginners, this is something unusual, because they are used to more "fancy" and unusual slot machines. For them, this is exotic, and for players with experience, these slots are nostalgic memories of playing in real gambling halls.

Resident slot machine is a free game without registration

In addition to all these features, the slot machine is even more interesting because it pays regularly. It is easy to play it, the design is interesting for all its simplicity, as is the theme, and it offers very decent bonuses. So for a player of any level, this is a great option for a pleasant and useful pastime.

If the player does not want to risk his money, he can use the free demo version. It is impossible to win and withdraw real money with it, but the player has a chance to try the game and learn all its subtleties. This is especially useful for beginners who have absolutely no experience in using such slots.

Resident slot machine features

The start of the game is standard for all slots developed and created by Igrosoft. You must first decide how much to bet per line, and choose the number of these lines for the game. The win will be brought by matching three identical elements on the same line. In this case, the player will have to collect a chain of three safes. If one element is not enough, its role can be played by a wild symbol - a fire extinguisher.

The presence of three safes or elements with the addition of wild starts the bonus level. To win, you need to open the safes with money and not open the one that contains explosives. If the latter happens, the explosion will end the bonus game. The user, of course, does not get anything, and he gets back into the main game.

Luck in the bonus game means that the player successfully opened all five safes and did not "blow up". After that, he will have a chance to take part in a superbonus game. In it, the user in the role of a spy, scout or detective will have the opportunity to feel like a real hero. He will have to rescue a charming blonde, who the main character has long been looking for.

But this action has a catch. It is important to accurately calculate your strength, and open the door to the room where the girl is. If the player makes a mistake, everything will end in failure, bonus points will burn.

Resident bonus game

The slot has a scatter symbol that activates the risk game. Its rules are traditional and familiar to all players. The user needs to choose face down cards in hope that they exceed the face value of the previously opened main card. If the cards are opened successfully, the user will be able to double his bet for the last winning spin. If he loses, he will return to the main round without money.

This slot machine attracts users with its intense play, pleasant bonuses and the ability to increase your initial bet many times. Also, people really like the plot of the slot. Any detective stories always arouse the interest of players, because they create the appropriate atmosphere, a certain intrigue, and give dynamics to the gameplay. Significant winnings only fuels interest in this popular slot machine from a well-known provider.

This slot machine is easy to use and is very attractive for its design, plot, and offered winnings. It is easy, interesting, and profitable.

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