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Slot from Igrosoft - Rock Climber

Rock Climber is a slot machine of Igrosoft company, dedicated to mountaineering topics. Against the background of other slots, which mostly use fairly common motifs, this slot machine seems to be something fresh and very interesting. It has the spirit of adventure in it, as well as the desire to overcome serious obstacles, which the mountains have plenty.

This slot uses the developer's favorite design, which reproduces the slot machine that was used in any real world casino in the past years. Of course, this is a stylized depiction, however, it evokes nostalgia.

But the design of the slot and its game functions are not obsolete. The game is modern and interesting, and playing the slot can give the user a considerable cash prize.

Rock Climber slot machine is a free game without registration

Using the slot is easy and pleasant even for a beginner, not to mention the fact that a player who is already familiar with the specifics of Igrosoft slot machines can easily cope with it. The game can either be started with the start button or be automatic, but first it is required to select the game lines and make bets. You can also use the maximum bet button.

All functions remain the same, as on similar slot machines from this developer. The prize is awarded for a combination of at least three identical symbols. They can be grouped either on the left or on the right edge.
Also, this stylish slot machine offers users to take part in a bonus game or try to take a chance in a doubling game. Taking into account the unusual theme and attractive interface, this slot will not only be interesting for passing time – it can also bring a considerable amount of money. It is possible to win a maximum of 5 thousand coins.
Also, users can play for free if they just want to have fun or get acquainted with the game.

Symbols and coefficients of Rock Climber slot

The slot uses symbols associated with mountains and mountaineering. They have different values, so the combinations bring different profits. It also depends on how many symbols the player manages to build into the chain. The more of them there are in the chain, the higher the multiplier is.

The game uses symbols such as a tent, a mountaineer's jacket, a backpack, ski boots, a hat, and an icepick - an indispensable tool in the mountains. The most important and profitable symbols are the following:

The flag is the Wild symbol that replaces all other symbols except the grappling hook with a rope. Wild can independently enter into combinations and bring a large profit.

The grappling hook with a coil of rope is the Bonus symbol. If there are three or more such symbols on the playing field, the player has access to the bonus game.

The slot also features the game's logo on the background of a snowflake. This is the most valuable symbol in this slot machine.

Bonus and Risk games in Rock Climber

When 3 or more images of the grappling hook appear on the playing field, the prize round begins. In it, the player must climb to the top of the mountain and set a flag there as a sign of victory. To do this, he is offered three cables to choose from. The worng one can get the player caught in the bigfoot cave. This means the end of his career as a mountaineer and defeat in the round. Each ledge crossed brings bonus points.

After winning, the user has the opportunity to take a chance and double his prize. For this game, the rules are standard: it is required to open the ones lying face down. If their face value is greater than the open sample, the player's winnings will automatically double.

Rock Climber is an interesting slot machine with an unusual theme and pleasant features. It will be interesting for those who love mountains, and even for those who have never been to them before.

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