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Slot from NetEnt - Archangels Salvation

The famous gambling software company NetEnt released an exciting free online slot machine - Archangels Salvation. The storyline takes the user to the battlefield between the Archangel and the Devil himself. In the Archangels slot machine everything is extremely well thought out: bright, memorable and detailed graphics, and the soundtrack will help the player to feel heat of the confrontation. At the end of the battle, the gamer will receive generous payouts.

Archangels slot machine is a free game without registration

Coping with the game panel will not cause any difficulties. The video slot has 6 reels with 12 images placed on them. There are 100 active lines. The game is started using the AUTO PLAY button or a round button with two arrows in the middle of the playing field.

The BET key determines the bet amount, which ranges from 40 to 200 euros. LEVEL — shows the level of the game. There are 10 of them. COINS — the number of coins. COIN VALUE - sets their value. The game starts with a bet selection. Next, the player should assign a game credit. To automatically control the game, there is an AUTO PLAY key. Before starting, the player should carefully read the information about the coefficients and the paytable, which will be displayed by the “i " key. The video slot also includes user settings: sound control and expansion of the playing field. The spanner opens access to the “Quick spins” and “Spacebar to Start " functions. The maximum win amount is 150 credits.

Archangels Salvation symbols and coefficients

Archangels Salvation slot machine has the following valuable symbols, which are presented in the form of card suits and symbols with the image of the main characters:

  • Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds increase the initial bet by 2-30 times if 3-6 symbols match;
  • Angel's helmet, Demon's Helmet, Lion and Skull have a magnification factor of 3-50;
  • Angel and Demon - increase bet by 6-150 times.

Special symbols are also present in the game. These include: WILD and SCATTER symbols.

WILD - another name for this symbol is Joker. It is located on 4 cells, forming a square. When you start free spins, it can take the form of a chain or appear on the playing field as a single image.

SCATTER - appears twice in the same column. If 3-6 symbols appear, the player gets 10 to 25 free spins.

Bonus games in the Archangels Salvation video slot

Hot spot areas. During this bonus game, some areas of the playing field are highlighted in blue and red. When the Wild symbol appears in the area with red color, the Hell function is started, and in the area with green color — Heaven is launched.

Hell means that if there is a wild symbol in the lower active zone, the participant will receive up to 16 Wild symbols.

Heaven function is triggered when a Wild symbol appears in the upper active zone. After that, the player will receive several additional wild symbols.

Free spins. Free spins are activated when three, four or five scatter symbols appear. During this bonus game, the active zones that are highlighted in different colors expand, allowing the player to get more chances to win.

Archangels Salvation free slot machine is a game based on a fantastic confrontation between good and evil. The game is suitable for everyone — both experienced gamblers and beginners. The video slot has a bright design and exciting animation. This gameplay has an average volatility of 6.17 out of 20 and a large percentage of RTP - 96.08%.

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