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Slot from NetEnt - Space Wars

The theme of space and battles is very popular for both video games and slot machines. It has a lot of fans, so it's not surprising that an experienced developer from Sweden – NetEnt - did not pass on the chance to use this idea to create online slot machine Space Wars.

But this provider is a group of very out of the box thinking and talented people, so the slots they created differ not only in purely external features, but also in gameplay and plot interpretation.

Here, players are not waiting for creepy monsters from parallel universes or evil invaders from a galaxy far, far away. As characters, the developer decided to use creatures that can not be called dangerous or frightening.

Space Wars slot machine is a free game without registration

Despite the crooked grimaces, alien monsters do not inspire fear but cause a good laugh. This is a very good choice for a slot machine, because people want to have fun while winning money. The story involves not only battles in space, but also a mysterious cloning facility. It is useful for the player because it allows him to increase his chances of winning and getting large amounts of money.

In the Space Wars online slot machine - the story revolves around a mysterious red crystal. The original story is highlighted by the very appropriate soundtrack.

As for the interface, the Space Wars online slot machine uses the usual 5 reels and 40 constantly active lines, which allows the player to quickly get used to the game. There are 10 levels of bets, which is also the standard for most slot machines of this developer.

Winning combinations are formed from 3 to 5 identical symbols, and the wild can replace any of them. The winning combination must be formed on the left side of the playing field.

Space Wars symbols and coefficients

A special feature of this slot machine is that there is only one special symbol - the Wild. Wild works on even reels, but it does not form its own combinations. In this slot, the wild symbol is represented as a dark blue image with a large white inscription "Wild".

Other slot symbols used in the slot:

  • The purple monster.
  • The blue alien.
  • The round green alien with three eyes.
  • The light green monster with black eyes.
  • The dark yellow alien.
  • The big purple alien.
  • The blue monster with antenna eyes.
  • The green alien with a toothy mouth.
  • The bleak, pale green alien.
  • The yellow octopus-like monster.
  • The large red crystal.

The original idea and design of the slot, its simplicity, as well as frequent winnings make it very attractive for both beginners and experienced casino visitors.

Bonus and Risk games in Space Wars

As such, there is no bonus game in the Aliens slot machine. When you receive a win (even the smallest one), free spins are activated. Symbols that form a winning combination are moved to a special sector on the right. This is the cloning facility that was discussed in the beginning. Here, the characters are cloned and returned to the playing field. Once on it, the symbols can form winning combinations and bring profit to the player.

The Space Wars free slot machine does not have scatter, doubling or any other bonus game. The developers focused all their attention on creating an original storyline and maximizing the slot's impact. Thanks to the non-standard approach, Space wars is very popular among players from all countries, despite the fact that the theme of space and battles is used very often.

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