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Slot from NetEnt - Legend of Shangri La

Mystical and mysterious stories always attract people's attention. The legend of Shangri La has been around for centuries. It stirs the imagination with the idea of a mysterious country that exists outside of our dimension and is accessible only to worthy, enlightened people.

The swedish developer used this well-known story to create this free slot machine, which instantly became a real hit. NetEnt did not try anything weird and used a more popular, somewhat fairy-tale-like and fantasy version of the legend. This is a great choice for a slot that turned out to be interesting, attractive in appearance and very profitable financially for any successful user.

The Legend of Shangri La slot machine is a free game without registration

Shangri La is presented in the slot as a fantastic country with high mountains, noisy waterfalls and ever-blooming trees. On this beautiful background, players will find an Eastern sage in the form of a humanoid red Panda. A large screen is stretched between two tall pillars decorated with Oriental carvings. It is where all events will unfold. On the screen there are game symbols designed in the style of this legend, but with small features. Images and characters are not people or otherworldly creatures, but parts of living nature.

Not only humanoid animals are featured here, but also other symbols, such as purple dragonflies, goldfish and green butterflies, as well as pink cherry blossoms.

The Legend of Shangri La online slot machine uses 6 reels with 30 slots for symbols. Special rules apply here that do not use paylines. Any combination of at least nine identical images can win. In order for a combination to win, its components must touch each other. Scattered symbols do not form a winning chain.

Symbols of the The Legend of Shangri La slot machine
The higher valued symbols here are meditating characters of the Buddhist religion. The following special characters are also used in the game:

Scatter symbol. It is made in the form of a scroll with traditional Eastern paintings. 3 to 7 scatters in the game combination bring 5 to 8 free spins with multipliers.

Wildis a question mark in a green lens on the background of a golden curly frame. It performs the traditional function of the wild – substitutes for any element in the chain except for the scatter. Risk game is not present in this slot.

Bonus game in The Legend of Shangri La

As such, there is no bonus round with a special mechanic in the Shangri-La slot. However, a series of incentive features awaits the player. Thanks to this approach, the developer is able to move away from the standard style adopted in other machines.

An example of such unusual features is Random Substitution, in which any symbol between two identical symbols turns into a special symbol. There are also Sticky Re-Spins. With this feature, the player has even more opportunities to win. The bottom line is that if there are not enough symbols to win, respins are activated.

Images become fixed, and all other symbols are "rotated" to form winning combinations.

Another feature - Nudge the Reel – is especially original. It is activated if only two scatters are fully visible on the screen, and the third one is only partially visible. When the function is launched, the reel is rotated so that the scatter symbol appears completely on the screen, and the player gets a win. This unusual slot is of interest to many players, so it is very popular and often used in many casinos.

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