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Slot from Thunderkick - Arcader

The appearance of Arcader slot machine immediately brings to mind the Monolith from the famous Stanley Kubrick movie "2001: Space Odyssey». Against the background of blue space and sharp peaks of an unknown planet, five monoliths play the role of reels, and the symbols placed on them refer us to old slot machines that were used in land-based casinos. These are stylized fruit symbols depicted in the traditional pixel technique.

Background music also refers to the period of mass popularity of this image method in games.

The name of the game and its design goes back to the simplest and most primitive computer games – arcades. But this does not mean that the famous developer from Sweden – Thunderkick - decided to go back to basics and offered its users outdated entertainment. A simple shell hides a modern, profitable and interesting game.

Arcader slot machine is a free game without registration

The game begins in the traditional way, that is, a suitable bet is placed, and then the reels start spinning after pressing the corresponding button. You can also use the automatic rotation mode by pressing the corresponding button.

All bets are placed in the table, which greatly simplifies their selection and the start of the game. Also on the screen under the buttons there are the rules of the game, mute option for those who are distracted or annoyed, as well as a pay table with detailed information on all important issues.

The principle of the game is similar to all such entertainments. When reels rotate, game combinations with 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols can appear. Winning chains are formed from the first reel on the left. If the player is lucky enough to get several game combinations on different lines at once, the winnings on them will be summed up.

The payout amount is directly related to the value of the symbols that form the game chain. Traditional "fruit" symbols in the game are supplemented with numerous additional signs that can increase the player's profit if they appear in the right combinations:

  • Capital letter "W". This is the Wild symbol that replaces any simple symbol (with the exception of the secret symbol and the expander).
  • Symbol of up and down pixel arrows. This is "Expander", which increases the most profitable symbol in full screen, bringing a large multiplier.
  • The letter " B " is the bonus symbol. If it appears in a combination of 3 to 5, the player earns 9 free spins. The multiplier from 1 to 9 is associated with the number of characters in the combo.
  • The letter "M" is the secret symbol. It activates a special round in 3 to 5 combos. It's similar to a risk game. During the secret round, the player must successfully open the cells where the prizes are hidden. The multiplier from 1 to 6 depends on the number of open cells.

The following characters are also involved in the secret round:

  • Orange ball.
  • Water droplet.
  • Green square.
  • Purple diamond.

Each of these signs has its own value and brings the player 200 to 10800 credits.

Bonus and the risk games in Arcader

There are two bonus games in this slot. They are activated by special symbols - "B" and "M" (Bonus and Mystery). The game starts if such symbols are found on the playing field in the amount of 3 to 5. The bonus round brings 9 free spins with additional multipliers, as well as one sticky wild symbol. It is only available on reels 2, 3 and 4, which stop spinning (stick) during free spins.

The mysterious symbol acts on the same principle, but starts a special game with special multipliers. In this game, the player must open images with a circle, square, drop, and heart until he gets a cross. This will end the game.

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