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Slot from Thunderkick - Babushkas

Babushkas is a video slot from the Swedish manufacturer Thunderkick. The game's release date is August 2016. Thunderkick constantly comes up with new gameplay features. In Babushkas, the provider has surpassed itself. The more original gameplay is present only in the Fruit Warp slot.

Even after half an hour of playing Babushkas online slot, it is not clear what is happening. Reading the rules does not help: there is a large number of made-up and unclear terms in English manual. We managed to figure out what's what.

The theme of the video slot is Russian folklore. There are two types of characters in the game: matryoshka dolls and bears. The plot is not obvious and philosophical: the life of a person from infancy to death. This approach with hidden meanings is inherent to the provider Thunderkick.

Babushkas slot machine is a free game without registration

The playing field is 5 x 3. The number of lines is 17 (all fixed). The range of bets per spin: from 10 cents to 100 dollars.
Combinations are formed from the leftmost reel. There can be 3, 4 or 5 game images in the paid sequence. There is no payment on different lines at once: if there are several combinations of different symbols in the round, then all the cheaper symbols will turn into the same type of senior symbols.

There are eight basic icons, plus one undocumented, hidden one – "The Ghost". All the main characters are matryoshka dolls of different colors. Green – newborn baby. Blue - a girl of 5-6 years, and so on. The seventh level of value is a brown doll - grandmother that is 70-80 years old.

Interesting observation. Provider "Thunderkick" likes black humor, but this humor is well hidden. Elements of "soft" cynicism can be found in many slots: No Enough Kittens, Birds on a Wire, Toki Time, etc. There is some cynicism in Babushkas as well. The most valuable symbol is a dead grandmother. All matryoshka dolls of different ages strive to become dead women during the game. This is not our speculation – look at the pictures carefully.

The ninth secret symbol is the Ghost. If the usual icons are traditional, then the special character is a masterpiece of creativity. The only special character is an Easter egg with a bear inside it. The bear can be intimidating, charming, or dancing (a literal translation of the rules of the game).

The main function of the egg is that of a Wild. It works in the usual way: it replaces the usual symbols on the principle of a card Joker. The Wild can only appear on the third reel. The wild can not be expanded and does not increase payouts.

About every second egg contains a bear:

Scare Bear. The lowest paid base symbols increase their rank by 1, 2, or 3 randomly.

Charm Bear. All symbols of the playing field are increased by 1 rank in value.

Dance Bear. Gives seven free spins.

There is no classic scatter or bonus symbol in the Babushkas slot.

The main game of the Babushkas slot machine
It'll be easier to understand with an example Let's say that a combination of the lowest rank green matryoshkas appears. They are of 8th rank. Payments are not made immediately. The video slot system automatically starts searching in adjacent cells for 7th rank symbol. If there is one, all lower rank 8 symbols increase their value. After this transformation, the system starts searching for rank 6 symbols in adjacent cells. And so on. The closing of all 15 game cells by a single symbol, even the most valuable one? is quite a real possibility. The presence of the Wild egg in the round does not affect the transformation cycle. The effect will be if there is a bear inside the Wild.
The main game has a Wipe function. The mechanics are simple: if 15 dolls of the same type appear on the field during transformations, then all of them simultaneously increase their rank, that is, two Mega Win payouts occur sequentially. If there are 15 most expensive symbols on the screen, they all turn into a secret symbol ("Ghost"). The payout for 15 ghosts is three times higher than the payout for the 15 most expensive symbols.

Free spins in Babushkas

Free spins are activated by the "dancing bear" from the Wild egg. You always get seven free spins. During free spins, the wild egg will appear in every spin. Free spins cannot be restarted: during free spins, only Scare Bear and Charm Bear will be inside the eggs.


  • The probability of any payout (hit rate) is 25-30%
  • The probability of free spins is worse than 1: 150
  • The probability of a special character is every 4-5 rounds
  • The volatility of the slot is low
  • RTP - 95.8%

Babushkas video slot is not even included in Top-20 games by Thunderkick due to complexity of the gameplay. A super win of 100 bets is rare. But it is also impossible to lose everything on this machine. The yield curve will fall evenly. After 1000-2000 spins, you can really count on the declared RTP.

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