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Slot from Thunderkick - Bork the Berzerker

We immediately say that you, as a player, are faced with a very difficult model. It has the potential for a constant small win, but at the same time your loss in the Bork the Berzerker slot will grow hopelessly. This is not a contradiction.

Before starting the review, you need to make it clear what will be discussed. The first version of the Bork the Berzerker slot was released by the Swedish provider Thunderkick in June 2014. This is one of the provider's first slots. In 2018 Thunderkick removed the 2014 slot from its product line. You can go to their website and see for yourself. However, the old version can still be found in some online casinos.

Bork the Berzerker slot machine is a free game without registration

In 2018, a new slot machine with the same name was released: Bork the Berzerker: Hack and Slash Edition. There are few differences:

  • 20 lines instead of 25 in the old version;
  • Symbols and payouts were slightly changed;
  • RTP was increased from 97.29 to 97.34%;

The help was changed from multiple pages to vertical scroll. Important. If you encounter a 2014 slot, it will not be the same as in the 2018 version. We are not referring to the visual differences listed above, but to the algorithm of current line payouts and the algorithm for launching free spins.

Specifications and symbols of the Bork the Berzerker 2018 slot. We immediately warn you: if your goal is to have fun and get action – skip this review. For those who want to win, here is valuable information. The scheme of the Bork the Berzerker slot is familiar to all: 5 x 3 with five reels. There are 20 fixed lines in Bork the Berzerker Hack and Slash.

Combinations are formed from the first reel. In one round, all the combinations that appear on different lines are paid for. Each chain must have at least three elements. There are only seven ordinary icons in 2018. The number is reduced from nine. And this is a positive point – combinations will be formed more often. What kind of badges? Four sea monsters and three card denominations, stylized as Scandinavian runes.

There are two special symbols:
Bonus-Symbol - wizard. It is not marked as a Scatter symbol in the rules. But this is it. The bonus symbol plays on all five verticals and does not create its own combinations. This special symbol is only needed to trigger free spins.

Wild (universal substitute). This is a caricature of the main character. The rules for a substitute are complex. It is important that the information in the rules does not correspond to reality, possibly due to inaccuracies in the translation of the rules. We won't delve into details! It is important that this symbol provides a 97.3% return to the player.

Visual information obtained during tests:

  • wild appears on reels 2, 3, 4 (indicated in the rules);
  • it can cover the entire drum completely;
  • there were no differences in the appearance of different reels.

However, the rules specify a complex algorithm when the substitute becomes a stack (closes the entire vertical).

Free spins in Bork the Berzerker online machine

There is no "Free Spins" section in the slot rules. This clearly confirms that there is no difference between regular and free spins.

Free spins are triggered by three "Wizard" images in the main game. Substitutes can also be single or stack-based.

For 2500 spins, it was not clear what the differences between regular and free games are. It is possible that wild symbols appear more frequently in the free game. A clause in the rules tells you that stacked wilds appear more often. Most likely, this is true, but it was impossible to find out for 2500 spins.

The idea of the "Thunderkick" provider is clear – to keep in its assortment a slot with a predicted loss for player of 34 bets in 1000 spins. The conclusion is obvious: if you are hunting for a large one-time payout, avoid this machine. The algorithm is such that there will be no win of more than 10 total bets.

However, if you have casino bonuses that require several thousand spins, the Bork the Berzerker slot machine will not just fit, but will be the best option. We remind you that we are talking only about the 2018 version – Bork the Berzerker Hack and Slash Edition.

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