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Slot from Thunderkick - Divine Lotus

The Divine Lotus online slot was released by Thunderkick in October 2019. Divine Lotus slot has a huge potential for winning several hundred total bets in a free game. What should the player do for this? Collect and accumulate mysterious symbols. Collecting prolongs free spins, and accumulating gradually removes low-paying symbols from the game.

Divine Lotus video slot uses rather rare Chinese themes. The theme can be defined very broadly - the Asian epic. The story is based on the legend of a dragon birth from a lotus flower. The game is accompanied by an electronic track stylized to Indian music.

Divine Lotus slot machine is a free game without registration

The playing field has a layout of 6 x 4 (six reels). There are no payment lines. There are 4096 payment methods based on the adjacency principle. What does this mean? The combination elements sometimes may not touch each other with either sides or corners. The symbols just have to be located on adjacent verticals. However, the first symbol of the chain must be located on the first reel.
The minimum combination length is three characters. All unique combinations are paid in one round.

Special game elements:
Wild - a lotus flower in the form of the letter "W". Replaces all symbols in the combinations according to the principle of a poker Joker. Wild does not create its own combinations. The special character is always a single character, and cannot appear as a stack. Wild plays on all the reels.

Scatter is purple lotus. It does not create its own combinations. It can appear as a stack, or singly on any vertical. Three scatters on the reels will activate the free spins. But the most important function of this special symbol is that collecting scatters in the free game prolongs it.

Mystery Symbol is pink lotus. This is a symbol of transformation. in 90% of cases it appears on the reels in the amount of four to eight. It can hide groups of any symbols: wilds, scatters, or basic symbols.

There are 11 regular icons: an adult dragon, four baby dragons of different ages, and, funnily enough, six denominations of playing cards. All of them can appear on the playing field either singly or in stacks of any length.

Free spins in the Divine Lotus online slot

To activate free spins, you need to get any number of scatters on three reels. There are at least five initial free spins, and an average of seven or eight.

Prize rounds are similar to regular ones. There are a few differences:

Mystery Symbols stack is guaranteed to appear in every free spin;

The probability of turning a Mystery Symbol into a scatter increases to 50%;

a reel with any number of scatters gives one additional free spin.

In addition, the accumulation counter is enabled on the left side of the screen. Every scatter increases this counter. As the counter grows, the Mystery Symbols that appear every free spin start to turn into more expensive icons (cheap icons are gradually eliminated from the game).

Divine Lotus slot parameters

After approximately 1500 test spins were managed to find out the following:

  • In the main game, the slot "holds the balance".
  • The probability of any payout in the main game is higher than 25% (average).
  • Free spins are launched at least every 120th round (better than average).
  • The average win in free spins is equal to 10-12 total bets.

The paytable is not worth paying attention to. In it, even a combination of the six most valuable symbols is worth only 10 total bets. The main thing to understand is that there are several small combinations in one round (4-6).
Official parameters are: RTP – 96.14% and high volatility.

The rules of the Divine Lotus slot are not clear, but the player's task is facilitated by the fact that they are for 80% the same as the rules of one the Thunderkick flagship slots - Pink Elephant.

Payouts in the main game are frequent and almost always higher than one total bet. The algorithm in free spins is loyal to the player: it generates the symbols that you want to see. When playing for money, there is no danger of a big loss, but there are better slot machines from the same provider for wagering bonuses: Toki Time, Sunset Delight and 1429 Uncharted Seas.

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