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Slot from Thunderkick - Dragon Horn

The Dragon Horn video slot was released by the Swedish provider Thunderkick in April 2019. Starting from this year, the manufacturer stopped producing machines with complex gameplay and switched to games with rules that are clear to the player. The Dragon Horn slot has a 5-level bonus game. Levels are reached by accumulating a special symbol. At every level, one of the low pay symbols is eliminated from the game.

The game genre is fantasy. There are no battles, there is a journey. In the story, you must go through the map to the dragon's lair through five countries: orcs, dwarves, elves, humans and mages. Along the way, you will collect artifacts - dragon horns. The more artifacts you collect, the further you will advance on the map and the more you will win in the bonus game.

Dragon Horn slot machine is a free game without registration

There are no paylines in the Dragon Horn slot. There are a total of 243 payment methods for combinations. But the "Dragon horn" slot machine does not belong to the Megaways class with a variable field size. In Dragon Horn, the number of cells on the reels is constant: 5 x 3.

In combination, the symbols may even not touch each other. They just need to be on adjacent verticals. The first element of the paid chain must appear on the first reel. The combination must contain at least three symbols. All existing winning chains are paid for in every round.

Special symbols:
1. Mystery Symbol - the dragon flame. This is the key symbol in the game. Other icons of the same type are hidden under this icon. 2 or 3 Mystery Symbols may appear on the same vertical. When writing a review, during the test, it was possible to see the closing of 9 cells with a "mysterious symbol".

2. Wild - the letter "W". It takes part in combinations based on the principle of a wild card. The Wild is not very useful: it appears rarely, only as a single symbol, and according to the rules it cannot appear on the first reel. The Joker can't be under a mysterious symbol. The Joker is not paid for.

3. Dragon horn is a symbol with three functions:

  • – three or more horns activate the bonus game;
  • – dragon horns need to be collected in the bonus game to re-trigger it
  • – adds free spins in the bonus game.

The Dragon horn symbol is not paid for. It can appear as a stack, covering the entire vertical.
There are 11 common characters. They are divided into two groups:

• High value (dragon and representatives five races: fairy, knight, elf, dwarf, Orc);

• Low value (coats of arms of the races).

Low value symbols are removed from the bonus game as you progress through the levels. Examples of payouts: 5 dragons – 20 bets, five fairies-10 bets, five coats of arms – from 1 to 2 bets.

Bonus game of the Dragon Horn device

The bonus game is activated by three scatters (dragon horn) anywhere on the screen. For three scatter symbols, you will get seven free spins. For each additional scatter, you get +2 free spins.

Since the scatter can be stacked, it is possible to get 31 initial free spins for a theoretical 15 scatters. For 1200 test rounds, we managed to get a maximum of 13 starting free spins. The actual number of free spins is approximately twice as large due to extensions.

The first spins of the bonus game do not differ from the usual ones. What happens next:

  • 1. One scatter (dragon horn) collected gives +1 free spin.
  • 2. Three scatters collected mean one completed level.
  • 3. Scatters can be collected either in one spin or cumulatively.
  • 4. The level completion is shown on the map by moving to the next country.
  • 5. At every next level, the lowest symbol starts playing as the Mystery Symbol.

The last point should be explained by an example. Let's say we've reached level 3. Now, if the three cheapest symbols (orcs, dwarves, and elves) appear on the screen, they will all turn into a single high value symbol. That is, from level 4, it is possible to close the entire screen with a single symbol of high value!

Parameters of the Dragon Horn slot

Data was obtained for almost 1200 test spins on the licensed video slot.

  • 1. The probability of activating the bonus game is every 80-90 spins.
  • 2. The minimum win in the bonus game is 2 bets, and the maximum is 181 bets.
  • 3. The average win in the bonus game is 10 bets (excluding maximum and minimum winnings).
  • 4. The maximum number of free spins in the bonus game is 25 due to extensions.
  • 5. 12 bonus level #4 has been reached twice. It was not possible to reach level 5.

Formal parameters: RTP - 96.1%, high volatility. It is interesting to play Dragon Horn slot even for free: the bonus game with progress displayed on the map and collecting items is launched often. When playing for money, you must have at least 3 hours of free time to wait for the passage to the 4th level of the bonus. The slot is not suitable for wagering bonuses.

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