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Slot from Thunderkick - Esqueleto Explosivo 2

Esqueleto Explosivo 2 video slot appeared in online casinos in early January 2020. As of April, Esqueleto Explosivo 2 is the Most popular Thunderkick-made slot machine in the world. The first version of the slot was released in spring 2014. This was actually the very first game released by a Swedish developer.

To a person who is not interested in Latin America, it may seem that the developers of the video slot have quite macabre humor: human skulls on the screen grimace, squeal and sing songs. All this is accompanied by the sounds of fireworks. But this is not a peculiar embodiment of the popular casino themes of zombies and evil spirits. Nothing is based on fantasy. The game is completely grounded. The theme is holiday, carnival. The holiday is the Mexican Day of the Dead. And exploding skulls aren't human, they're made of sugar. They are broken and eaten.

Esqueleto Explosivo 2 slot machine is a free game without registration

The main feature of Esqueleto Explosivo 2 slot is updating the playing field according to the Avalanche scheme. Otherwise, it is called Dropping Symbols. There are no reels. Nothing rotates. Symbols of the winning sequence disappear from the screen. Icons located above are displaced and take the place of those that have disappeared.

New symbols fall from above. Falls stop when combinations stop forming. It is important that the player pays only for the first combination with a bet, the rest of the drops are free of charge while the combinations are being formed. In fact, they are respins.

The slot has five verticals and three horizontals. There are 99 lines (all fixed).
Paid chains are formed from the left edge of the screen. The minimum number of symbols is three. If several combinations fall out at the same time, all are paid.

There are six ordinary symbols. These are skulls of different colors. Both male and female. The odds may be somewhat shocking. The numbers in the paytable are shown as the total payouts in bets per spin. For three symbols in a combination, from 0.2 to 1 total bets are given, for four – from 0.4 to 2, for five - from 0.7 to 5. But keep in mind that up to 10-15 consecutive combinations can be paid for in one round.

Special symbols:
Scatter is an unpainted sugar head. It is not paid for. Three or more scatters in any places of the playing field activate free spins according to the scheme: 10, 12, 14... for each additional scatter. Since there are no reels, theoretically 15 scatters can appear simultaneously.

Wild is a skull in sunglasses. It works in the usual way - it replaces other symbols in combinations based on the principle of card Joker. The Wild has an original function – it explodes and removes five or eight adjacent symbols from the game. This increases the probability of another combination during an avalanche-respin. The Joker only plays on the three middle verticals. The Joker doesn't make his own combinations.

Bonus game in Esqueleto Explosivo 2 online slot machine

In addition to dropping symbols, the second feature is increasing the multiplier for combinations. Multipliers: x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32. Six consecutive combinations must be formed in order to achieve the maximum coefficient. Six in a row is not in six consecutive rounds, but in six avalanches-respins in a row. The current multiplier value is shown on the counter at the bottom of the screen.

The ad says the maximum payout is 5,000 total bets. In fact, the theoretical value is x15840. However, the rules state that the payout limit has been reduced to 5000 bets.

There were no free rounds in the first version of Esqueleto Explosivo. Free spins are triggered by three or more scatters. There are rarely more than 10 free spins. Many interesting features are enabled during free spins:

The maximum multiplier is now x64 instead of x32. The Wild starts to appear on all verticals. The Wild appear more often, but the slot documentation does not say how much more often. Every third Wild that appears (not necessarily in a row) gives an additional free spin and removes the lowest multiplier from the counter.

Scatters also give additional free rounds according to the scheme: 3 – 7 – 10 – 12 for two, three, four and five scatters. The real number of free spins is at least 20 at the expense of additional ones. The probability of activating free spins is very low – no better than every 300th round of the main game.

Players who have previously dealt with Esqueleto should know that the second version of the machine is the complete opposite of the first. Previously, the game had low-volatility and was safe for beginners. In 2020, the algorithm is changed: achieving the highest multiplier x32 in the main game has become more difficult. This is not a subjective impression, but official information. We can say that the developers in the new version of the game targeted fans of hunting for large payouts. But these payouts can only be obtained in infrequent free spins.

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