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Slot from Thunderkick - Frog Grog

The main feature of Thunderkick is developing original slot machines, where everything is unusual - from the idea and the theme to the design and implementation of game ideas. This is what makes slots from this developer so popular and interesting for players.

Frog Grog slot machine from this developer offers players to plunge into the theme of magic and alchemy. Even the name itself is a play on words – it alludes to a magic drink made of frogs, which also refers to the mysteries of alchemy and the middle ages. Despite the theme, the design and functionality of the slot is very modern. It uses high-quality graphics, a simple intuitive interface and an extremely fascinating story.

Frog Grog slot machine is a free game without registration

Frog Grog online slot machine is controlled by only five buttons, but this is enough to get a lot of winnings. You can use the slot for free in demo mode, and after getting the necessary experience, you can proceed to the real game for real money.

On the computer screen, the player will find a laboratory of a medieval alchemist. The playing field has 5 reels and 23 fixed paylines. Before starting the game, the user selects the bet amount per line.

The slot rules are similar to most slot machines. You must create chains of at least three identical elements. The highest win will be brought by five symbols in a row. In addition, the payout level depends on the value of each specific symbol.

This interesting slot machine has a special feature – the symbols that were used to make a winning combination are replaced with new ones, which leads to the formation of an even greater number of chains. And this increases both the chances of winning, and its possible amount. After each change of symbols, the player will get a new multiplier. It will change with each replacement of images, increasing by one level (x2 – X7). But as soon as the pictures run out, the multiplier will disappear.

Bonus and risk games in Frog Grog
Each of these symbols has its own value and multiplier. Of the special characters, only the Wild symbol – the orange frog - is used here. It plays an important role, replacing the missing characters in the game combinations. Three signs will bring a small win, but 4 or 5 will significantly increase its size.

In addition, the Wild has a unique property of erasing images on horizontal and vertical lines, after which new images appear in their place.

There is no doubling game in this slot machine, but there are other chances to get rich. When a prize combo appears, the symbols that make it explode, and others appear in their place. If it is possible to create a new prize line from old and new symbols, the player will get the "multiplication". The amount already received is increased by a certain multiplier. It can multiply the winnings by 7 times.

Also, the secret game function can be activated at any time. When it is, only the most expensive symbols remain on the reels. If the player can get a prize combination with them, then he will get a quick and very big win. With a fun and interesting theme and a nice colorful design, this slot machine has excellent functionality and the most modern components. And most importantly, it pays regularly, allowing players to get both pleasure and money.

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