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Slot from Thunderkick - No Enough Kittens

Swedish provider Thunderkick has once again come up with an innovative way to build winning combinations in an online slot. In addition, the Swedes again demonstrated a specific sense of humor with elements of cynicism. No Enough Kittens is a parody of numerous slot machines with cats, pandas and other animals. The game's release date is November 2017.

The theme of the video slot is cloning cats. It sounds wierd, but it's cute. Moreover, cats are "cloned" not in laboratory conditions in test tubes, but directly in the apartment of the main character of the game by cutting them in half.

Slot machine No Enough Kittens is a free game without registration

The No Enough Kittens playing field consists of five reels with 15 cells and represents a laboratory table on which cats of different suits sit. At the table behind the control handles is a certain not quite adequate, constantly giggling scientist old lady.
The slot has 35 fixed lines. If several combos appear, all lines are paid. Winning combinations are formed from the left reel. The number of winning symbols per line is from three to 10. How can it happen with only five cells in the horizontal line – we'll explain later.

The principle of building combinations
Junior (cheap) symbols – five balls of thread. There are four senior symbols. Next, their features and interaction with the Wild symbol.

There are four types of expensive symbols in the game. These are cats of red, white, gray and black colors.
Half of the cats are PAIRED. This does not mean that they are located in adjacent cells of the playing field. Both cats sit in the same cell.

Half of the wild symbols are also paired. Finally, the main feature. If one of the 35 lines of the slot has a wild symbol that looks like a guillotine knife (W), and there are cats on this line, then all of them will be cut in half. Don't worry! There is no blood. But before being "cloned", the cat begins to shake, bulge its eyes and scream. Fortunately, result of the "surgery" in the game cell is not a dead cat, but two quite healthy ones.

In other words, the Wild, once on the same line with the usual symbol, turns it into a pair. Five paired characters will give an aforementioned combination of 10 characters.

  • Example 1. If two cells that make up the combination have a simple symbol and a pair, the player receives a payout for a combination of three symbols.
  • Example 2. If three cells contain, for example, a single wild, a paired symbol, and a paired wild, then this is a combination of five characters.
  • Example 3. In theory, the combination can have 10 symbols of the same type, including wilds (and this is for a 5-reel slot machine!)

It doesn't make sense to describe all the cumbersome payment tables with 10 rows each. The manual with slot payouts is made clearly.

Bonus game in No Enough Kittens slot machine

Two regular scatter symbols and two pairs can appear simultaneously in the game. Visually, they are either mats or boxes with the words F or FF.

F+FF (single and double) is equivalent to F+F+F (three singles) – this is the activation combo for 10 free spins. For example, F+F+FF+FF are considered six scatters - the combo will give the player 25 free spins.
In the bonus game, wild not only begins to substitute symbols and clone symbols, but also begins to create paid combinations by itself.

Free spins can generate new free spins indefinitely. All other symbols (balls of thread) in the bonus game are played in the usual way.

The No Enough Kittens slot machine has shown higher than average volatility due to a rare bonus game. The declared percentage of return to player is 96.1%. The maximum payout is 3,500 total bets. This is the entire field filled with the most expensive cloned symbol – 35 chains of 10 icons, each worth 100 bets. However, every gambler should experience the extraordinary principle of creating combinations, created by Thunderkick.

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