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Slot from Thunderkick - Ravens Eye

The "Eye of the Raven" video slot was released by Thunderkick in mid-2019. Unlike other models from this manufacturer, Eye of the Raven slot has only one complex function. In the free game, there is an accumulation of special symbols. As you accumulate them, cheap game icons are eliminated from the game. This is not explained in the rules for some reason. This process is discussed in detail in this review.

Themes of Raven's Eye video slot are mysticism and druids. There is no plot. The design of the game is thoughtful and modern: a rich "acid" color palette and quality animation. The soundtrack is electronic meditative track.

Eye of the Raven is a free game without registration

The game is played on a 5 x 4 field. The slot has 30 fixed lines. Paid chains must start on the first vertical. Each chain must contain at least three elements. In one spin, all the combinations that took place are paid for.

Special symbols:
Wild (substitute) - the letter "W". The substitute acts like a Joker, taking the place of other symbols to form a combination. The Wild can appear on all reels. It creates its own, most valuable combinations. The Joker moves on the reels in a Quad stack, but it can not completely close the vertical.

Mystery Symbol - Raven. This icon is more correctly called "hiding" rather than "mysterious". After appearing on the playing field, the Raven flies away, and its place is occupied by one of the usual icons. The second function of the "Raven" icon is that of a bonus symbol or a stack scatter. If Mystery Symbol appears on three reels in any number, the bonus game will start.

There are 10 regular icons: a sorceress, signs of the four elements, and five symbols for playing cards. Despite the fact that Mystery Symbol is stacked, it does not bring any special winnings, but on the contrary, it does not pay for itself, and hidden symbols are usually the cheapest. However, for the sake of fairness, it is worth saying that the stack of "mysterious" symbols sometimes hides the stack of jokers. Although the slot rules state that Mystery Symbol can appear on four or five reels, this has never happened during the 1500 test spins.

Eye of the Raven bonus game

In fact, bonuses are free spins with the gradual elimination of low-pay symbols from the game. Mystery Symbols (ravens) activate the bonus game by appearing on any three reels. The number of free spins is equal to the number of Mystery Symbols that have appeared. This number cannot be less than 9, but more than 12 does not happen.

What happens in the bonus game?

  • A counter of nine divisions appears to the left of the playing field.
  • The counter increases when Mystery Symbols appear on the screen.
  • As soon as there are nine "mysterious symbols", the cheapest symbol – ten ("10") is eliminated from the game. Jacks ("J") will appear in its place in the next free spins.
  • Increasing the counter by another nine divisions will take the jacks out of the game, and so on until there are only five high-pay symbols left in the game.

When every low pay symbol is eliminated, the player gets +3 additional free spins. Bonus game win statistics: 27, 19, 16, 21, 77, 21, 17, 75, 32, 20 total bets. Free spins occur slightly rarer than every 150th round. The number of test rounds is about 2000. Testing was conducted in one of the largest online casinos.

In the Eye of the Raven slot machine, it is difficult to get a large one-time payout. The strategy of the game will be to withdraw small winnings. Official RTP rate - 96.1%. The volatility declared by the provider is average.

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