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Slot from Thunderkick - Riders of the Storm

The Riders of the Storm s video slot was released in August 2018 by the Swedish provider Thunderkick. The main feature of the slot machine is the ability to choose three types of free games with different volatility. Given that free spins are rarely activated, it is important to know what type of bonus game the player should choose. Test conducted at the time of writing this review, gave the answer to this question.

Regarding the design, we can say that the Riders of the Storm s slot immediately became a classic after its release. The design is perfectly thought out and corresponds to the popular style in art -steampunk. Steampunk is a direction of science fiction about the heroes and adventurers of Victorian England of the XIX century, the heyday of steam engines. Three characters in the Riders of the Storm slot are the crew of a steam-powered aircraft.

Riders of the Storm slot machine is a free game without registration

The layout of the playing field is classic - 5 x 3 with five reels. There are no paylines. There are "payment ways". There are 243 of them. This method of creating combinations means that the chain elements may sometimes not even touch. All the symbols need to be located on the adjacent reels.

The first character should appear on reel #1. In one round, all chains of three characters or more are counted. Payouts for multiple combinations in a round are added together.

Special symbols:
Scatter is a compass. It is played on all verticals and is paid in the amount of 200, 20 or 2 total bets for five, four or three in different places on the screen without being tied to lines. Scatters activate free spins.

Wild is the corresponding inscription in different fonts. Wilds act on the principle of card jokers when making combinations and can appear on any reel.

There are several types of wilds:
Wild Multiplier x2. This substitute doubles the winnings for the combination in which it appeared. Wild x2 appears both in the main game and the free game.

Wild Multiplier x3 and Wild Multiplier x2. They work the same way, but only in the free game. Wilds with multipliers x3 and x5 are always "walking" ones. They move around the playing field. For more information, see the "Free Spins" section below.

Wild Reel. This is a stack substitute that covers the entire vertical. It is triggered randomly. It can only appear in the main game. Up to four stack wilds can appear at the same time.

There are 11 basic symbols. The rules of the slot separately refers to the higher value ones. These are three characters of the game. The rest of the symbols are wheel, anchor, hook, and five card denominations. All basic characters are single, not stacked.

Free spins in the Riders of the Storm online slot

After three or more scatters appear in the main game, the player will be offered a choice of four types of free spins.

  • Low volatility: 15 FS with an x2 multiplier for the Wild symbol;
  • Medium volatility: 10 FS with an x3 multiplier for the Wild symbol;
  • High volatility: 6 FS with an x5 multiplier for the Wild symbol;

Selection of the number of free spins and the multiplier value is random. Three scatters in the free game will give a random number of new free spins (from 3 to 15). In every type of free spins, one of the high-pay symbols will appear as a stack.

In every type of free spins, jokers will be "walking". This means that the Joker will not disappear in the next spin, but will shift to the left by one cell. This will happen until the Wild goes out of the field. There can be multiple Walking Wilds on the screen several times at once.

It is important that the free spin is not finished until the Walking Wild has left the playing field. Thus, the actual number of free rounds is approximately twice the number specified in the rules.

According to the results of a test in one of the leading casinos in the Web, it was found that free spins starts less often than every 200th round. This is not a high indicator. Statistics of wins in total bets for each type of free spins: 42, 85, 168 bets (low); 43, 46, 49 bets (med); 7, 26, 35 bets (high).

You didn't read the review for nothing. Contrary to the opinion of other reviews that recommend free spins with high volatility, choose low volatility. With a even selection of free spins, the slot smoothly "eats" the bankroll in full accordance with its RTP of 96.15%.

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