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Slot from Thunderkick - Sunset Delight

It would seem that 3-reel slots have exhausted their development potential 20 years ago. Nine cells are too small to place scatter symbols that trigger free spins or bonus games. The developers from Thunderkick managed to squeeze in three scatters without touching the other elements of the game field.

The theme of the Sunset Delight free online slot is eating ice cream in an amusement park. Serving is made for three people and each waffle cup gets three balls of ice cream. This is how you get a 3 x 3 playing field consisting of colored balls.

Sunset Delight slot machine is a free game without registration

Question: where do the scatter symbols fit in here? On the ice cream balls themselves. The scatters are decorations – small triangular snacks: either waffles or cookies. The waiter can stick decorations in any ball in any cup.

Despite the fact that the reels are conventional, the picture of cups with three tiers of ice cream placed on the table is quite similar to a 3-reel slot. There are five lines, all fixed.

Symbols: six ice cream balls of different types, plus a wild symbol (also ice cream) with the letter W. Wild is played in the usual way: it replaces any other symbols. In addition, it makes its own combinations on lines, being the highest paid symbol.

If you bet $1 per spin on all lines (i.e. 20 cents per line), the player will get $15 for three wilds. Chocolate ice cream is also highly paid. Payments for other symbols are more modest: from 1 to 5 dollars.

Free game on the Sunset Delight machine

Approximately every 5th round, a triangular culinary decoration with the inscription "Scatter" is inserted into one of the 9 balls on the side. It turns out that the scatters play on top of the lines!

If three scatters are collected during one round, five free spins will be triggered. Scatters are not payed for themselves.
The main prize in the free game is the coefficient by which the current bet will be multiplied. Multiplier value: from 1 to 100.
In free spins, all symbols, including wild, continue to be played in the usual way. However, the scatter symbols start to work differently. They are still unpaid for. They have to be accumulated. On the right side of the screen, there is a counter with labels from 1 to 100, showing how many scatters are collected. When free spins are completed, the total bet will be multiplied by the counter value.

If a scatter appears on the playing field during free spins, then
the player will get another free spin;
the counter value will increase (first, the multiplier will increase in increments of 1, then in increments of 2, if the value exceeds 20 – in increments of 5, and if it exceeds 40 – in increments of 10.)

Restarting the free spins is not possible. The result of winning a free game is equal to the current bet multiplied by the coefficient earned, plus all the usual winnings accumulated during the course of free spins.

Online slot Sunset Delight showed low volatility due to frequent small payments. The game bank held steady around the initial value of 2000 spins. The provider claims a good percentage of RTP - 96.3%. All this means that the slot machine is great for wagering casino bonuses, even in autoplay mode.

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