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Slot from Thunderkick - Tiger Rush

Tiger Rush video slot was released by Thunderkick in October 2018. Up to this point, the Swedish manufacturer of gaming software was known for its original ideas. Creating a Tiger Rush slot is a very controversial decision. The fact is, this machine is almost a complete clone of the Starburst video slot by Netent. The only difference is added free spins (which are not present in Starburst). But, on the other hand, such a move is not bad for players: you do not need to learn the rules of the game from scratch.

The Tiger Rush slot visual is puzzling. We couldn't believe that Thunderkick was able to create a slot with such an ill-conceived visual design. But it doesn't really matter! Testing has shown that this is one of the most generous slots of this developer . In general, both the design and algorithm of the slot machine are unusual for Thunderkick.

Tiger Rush slot machine is a free game without registration

The Tiger Rush slot has a variable playing field. In a normal game, it is 5 × 3 with 10 fixed lines. In free spins, reels 2, 3 and 4 are increased to five cells. The number of lines is increased to 25.

Combinations are built starting both from both the left and right reels. In every round, all completed combinations are paid for. Every winning chain must have at least three elements.

Special symbols:
1. The Wild is a tiger. The Wild is involved in combinations similar to the poker Joker. The Wild always expands to the entire reel in both the main and bonus games. It can only appear on the three middle reels. The replacement symbol activates one free spin in the main game (respin) and participates in the launch of 5 or 10 free spins.

2. Scatter is the game logo. Although this icon is specified in the rules as a "Scatter symbol", it actually has nothing in common with the classic scatter symbol. The game logo appears only on reels #1 and #5 and only activates free spins.

There are seven common symbols: two pictures of nature and five crystals of different colors. They may appear in stacks, but they do not completely cover the reel.

When the Wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3, or 4, regardless of whether the payout was made or not, the Wild is fixed. One free spin (respin) is triggered. If the second Wild appears during the respin, the player will get a second respin, in which both Wilds will be fixed. Remember that the wilds always fully close the reel.

Free spins
Free spins are activated in the following ways:

  • Two scatters appeared simultaneously on reels 1 and 5 give five free spins;
  • One scatter + the Wild stack on the next reel also triggers five free spins;
  • With these two combinations at the same time, the player will get 10 free spins.

Similarly, free spins can be restarted an unlimited number of times. There are two differences from regular spins: the playing field increases in size from 15 to 21 cells; the number of lines increases from 10 to 25.
Free spins are activated approximately every 250th round. Free spins win range: from 30 to 100 total bets. This data was obtained during 2000 test rounds.

In the course of a normal game, the Tiger Rush slot keeps the balance well. You can say that 4-5 bets can be won every time, without free spins. If you manage to get free spins, you always go positive. Based on this, the game can be recommended for wagering casino bonuses.

The provider declares the following parameters of the machine: RTP - 96.3%, med-high volatility.

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