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Slot from Thunderkick - Toki Time

Many players are attracted by unusual slot machines. They are unusual, have an unusual design and, as a rule, an interesting story. These slots can be interesting for both beginners and experienced players who are bored with the usual devices that repeat the same standard motives.

The works of developers from Sweden – Thunderkick - always have not only an extraordinary appearance, but also use interesting ideas, and features. It is nice to play such slots, and the winnings they bring can be quite decent.

Toki Time slot machine is a free game without registration

One of such original online slots is Toki Time. This is a very bright and attractive slot machine that uses animation with funny fantastic characters.

On the screen, the user sees an unusual, unearthly world with rounded hills and a rotating rainbow sky. On it, the sun is drawn the way small children do it – with a face. In the foreground are peculiar stones with holes, dancing flowers and flying mushrooms on long thin legs, as well as strange wells or burrows of underground creatures.

When you start a free game in Toki Time, unusual multi-colored spherical creatures fly out of them. Hanging on the screen, they act as game reels. This is how the game begins. In total, the slot has 5 "reels" and 11 constantly active lines. Combinations can be formed in different directions - from left to right, or vice versa. To get a win, you need to line up 3 to 5 identical symbols in a row. If the wild symbol appears, it can replace the missing one.

The wild can only appear on the central reels, but not on the extreme reels. This symbol also has the ability to stretch over the entire size of the reel.

All symbols in the game have their own value and coefficient. The wild symbol is represented as a fantastic animal that resembles either a llama or a lamb. It replaces missing symbols in combinations and triggers a bonus round when it is stretched across the entire reel. This is only available on two reels – the second and fourth.

Bonus and risk games in Toki Time

The wild symbol in this game plays the role of a bonus symbol. If it expands to the entire reel, one free spin is triggered. The wild symbol is fixed, meaning it stays in its place.

As long as the game combinations are formed, free spins continue, and the player gets his winnings. The more such rounds are completed, the higher the user's winnings will be. The biggest win on this slot machine can be obtained if a combination of five stars is formed.
Despite the lack of bonus rounds, this slot machine pays very well.

The return percentage reaches 97.1%. The unusual design, interesting idea and simple rules make this original slot machine very popular among users. Despite the absence of "fancy" additional bonus spins and additional games, this simple machine often pays much larger amounts. It is perfect for beginners who still find it difficult to understand more complex rules, as well as for those experienced players who have already become tired and fed up with the more intricate and difficult to play games.

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