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Slot from Thunderkick - Turning Totems

Swedish provider Thunderkick is a leader in new video slot features. Turning Totems slot machine is somewhat overloaded with innovations. There are at least 4 of them. And manual gives you little to understand. This review is an attempt to understand how unusual functions work in practice.

The theme of the slot machine is based on the beliefs and rituals of American Indians. There are no characters or plot in Turning Totems. Formally, the video slot "Turning Totems" can be attributed to the machines with the classic principle of the main game with multiple wild symbols in free spins.

Turning Totems slot machine is a free game without registration

The main technical feature of Turning Totems is that there are no vertically rotating reels. We can say that there are verticals. There are five of them. Verticals are columns on which disks with images rotating in a horizontal plane. The size of the playing field is 5 x 3.

The Turning Totems online slot has 11 fixed lines. They are clearly shown in the video slot's manual. Despite this fact, three Internet reviews report that the machine has no lines at all. Combinations are formed on both sides of the extreme reels. The minimum number of symbols in a winning chain is three. Several combinations can be paid in one round.

Symbols - Indian totems in the form of cylinders (disks) with images, impaled on poles. The slot has only six symbols-images that play along the lines. A small number of symbols means a high probability of payouts.
One of the tricks of the slot machine is Sleeping Wild (the sleeping replacement symbol). For the time being, it is the lowest-paid image out of the six.

The game has a special symbol – Thunder Snake. Будет правильно дать вольный перевод: «змея-молния». The principle of operation of the special character has no analogues.

Features of additional and bonus games of Turning Totems

During testing, we found out how everything really works. And it wasn't very complicated. The main goal of the player is to get a special Thunder Snake symbol on three verticals. In this case, free spins will start.

1. After clicking the start button, everything goes as usual: combinations on lines are paid for.

2. If a Thunder Snake appears on a vertical line, the following happens:
The column (pillar) on which the snake appeared becomes "magical". You need to wait until all three pillars become magical. This will mean launching five free spins.

If the symbol of the sleeping wild was on the post where the snake appeared in the round, it is activated and works as a regular substitute for two rounds.

If there is no bonus game yet in the current spin (i.e. only one or two pillars entered magic state), the player is given one respin. The goal of the respin is to get the snake on another post. If the second or third pillar does not become "magic" after the free spin, the game returns to the main phase.

3. On average, after 9-10 attempts, it is possible to get a snake on all three pillars. Free spins begin.
During free spins, the sleeping wild starts playing as a full-fledged substitute for any other symbols. It also begins to form its own expensive combinations.

If during the free spins you managed to get the special Thunder Snake symbol for one more post, the player is given one additional free spin. Theoretically, the bonus game can continue indefinitely.

List of characters and their value

With a total bet of $1 per round, the payouts for 3 and 5 symbols on the line will be as follows:
Regular totems: $0.5 and $2 | $0.6 and $2.5 | $0.7 and $4 | $0.8 and $4.5 | $2 and $10;
Sleeping wild: $0.1 and $0.4 in the inactive state; $2 and $25 in the full wild symbol state.
The special Thunder Snake symbol is not paid for.

The main advice for supercreative new products from Thunderkick, Yggdrasil, NetEnt: do not delve into the meaning of what is happening. Even after you read 5-6 reviews, much will be unclear. For Turning Totems you will have to spin the reels for half an hour in demo mode. It's the easiest way to figure out what's what.

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