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Slot from Thunderkick - Well of Wonders

As is often the case with Thunderkick from Sweden, their designs use not only original designs, but also a completely extraordinary and innovative design. In combination with excellent functionality and returns, their slot machines give users a lot of pleasure.

The free online slot machine named Well of Wonders has an amazing design and an idea that is unusual even for such inventors as Thunderkick. On the screen in front of the user there are no usual reels and game lines, but there is a full-screen picture with excellent animation. It is very beautiful, bright, modern and very attractive.

Well of Wonders slot machine is a free game without registration

The game is made in rich, juicy colors. On the screen, the player sees a magical forest with huge trees, the crown of which goes beyond the screen. Users see only thick, massive trunks, covered with vines and decorated with a scattering of small red flowers. In the dark forest, magic flowers bloom and golden sparks soar.

But this is not important for the game, although the surroundings look very good. In the center of the screen, a large stone well glows with a bluish light. At the edge it is decorated with tiles with mysterious signs, and at the base it has large plates with different numbers. Above all this, multicolored curly elements float in the air, slowly rotating and turning over. They play the role of rotating reels here.
When the game starts, these elements – colored stones with symbols – fly out of the well. There are seven stones. If they line up in a certain way, forming winning combinations, the player wins. When it is possible to collect three identical stones, the bet is immediately transferred to the player's account.

Played stones disappear, giving way to new symbols. In case that you have to collect a new combination from them, the bet will already be doubled. If the lucky streak continues, the customer's bet may increase by as much as 32 times.

As in most other slot machines, the wild symbol is used as well. It replaces any other symbol if one element is missing to form a winning chain.

Bonus game in Well of Wonders

This slot uses original game elements that differ not only in design, but also in cost and coefficients. The game also uses special symbols, such as the Wild. It looks like a shapeless stone with a glowing W. There is also a bonus symbol - a sparkling little fairy. This charming creature is very similar to the legendary Tinkerbell fairy.

There is no risk game in Well of Wonders slot machine, but there is a bonus round with very interesting conditions. It starts randomly in a non-winning situation. The player gets a bonus symbol - a fairy. It can turn some stones into other symbols. If there are winning combinations, they will be paid with higher coefficients.

Despite the fact that the slot does not have the usual "bells and whistles" such as a risk game or a jackpot, the machine has excellent payment capabilities. But in terms of design, brightness, and originality, it will give a head start to any of the other slot machines. You should definitely try it.

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