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Slot from Thunderkick - Yeti

The Yeti: Battle of Greenhat Peak video slot was released by the Swedish provider Thunderkick in mid-2018. The game has comical characters and a funny plot. A native Alpine resident tries to drive a pestering mysterious monster from his garden. Bigfoot raids the garden in order to get carrots. The plot is quite weird…

The visual and sound design is devoid of frills, because the Yeti slot is not intended as a recreational, but as a gambling one, for winning money.

Yeti: Battle of Greenhat Peak is a free game without registration

As with most Thunderkick slots, the Yeti slot machine has unique and incomprehensible gameplay elements. For further understanding, they must be explained immediately. The basis of the player's winnings is multiple wild symbols - up to 6-8 in a spin. In the free game, additional wild symbols are given for accumulated scatter symbols.

The Yeti slot machine has 11 fixed lines, five reels, and three horizontal lines. Combinations are formed from the leftmost reel. Each can contain anywhere from three to five characters. In one round, all the combinations that appear on different lines are paid.

Special game elements:
Wild – an Alpine resident. The special character acts like a wild card when making combinations. Wild can appear on any vertical. It does not create its own combinations. The wild is always single, not stacked. However, several wilds may appear on different reels in the same round.

Sticky Wild. It turns into a regular wild in bonus rounds. What does "sticky" mean? Sticky Wild remains on the screen until it participates in a combination.

Scatter – carrots. This symbol also works on all verticals. The scatter does not form its own paid chains. The scatter has two functions:

With two scatters in any places on the screen, the player is given one to three Sticky Wilds, while there is a single free spin – a respin.
With three or more scatters, free spins are activated.

There are nine linear icons: an Alpine resident, a Yeti, three fruits, and four card denominations. Sometimes they appear in groups of two or three on the same reel.

Two scatter symbols trigger a respin. Up to three additional replacement symbols (Sticky Wild) participate in the respin. Visually, this option is designed for collecting characters (carrots), indicating the number of collected characters on the counter at the bottom of the screen.

Free spins and bonus game of the Bigfoot machine

Free spins can be 10, 15 or 20 for three, four or five scatters in the main game respectively. You can also get three free spins with a 25% probability after two scatters in the main game. It is important that during the test 1000+ rounds, three scatters did not appear even once! Testing took place on the official Yeti license slot.

What happens in free spins? The accumulation counter with 12 marks is located at the bottom of the screen. The counter advances if a scatter appears on the screen.

  • Three divisions give +2 free spins and one "sticky wild".
  • Six accumulated scatters give another +2 free spins and another "sticky wild".
  • Nine passed marks mean another +2 spins and three Sticky Wilds in the game.
  • A fully filled counter activates +5 additional free spins.
  • Free spins win statistics: 12, 17, 18, 37 and 40 total bets.

In the slot machine Yeti: Battle of Greenhat Peak, you will not get a large win, if only because free spins are rarely activated (about every 200th round). Winnings in free spins will not exceed 40-50 total bets. However, due to multiple symbols in the main replacement game, the loss increases slowly. The provider reports average volatility of the game and the return to the player of 96.1%.

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