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Slot from Yggdrasil - Gem Rocks

Yggdrasil, the manufacturer of gambling software, often surprises gambling fans. This manufacturer pays special attention to exclusivity, so it tries to give its software original features on every possible step. And the Gem Rocks emulator is the most striking example of this. Its external design immediately attracts attention, as it is absolutely non-standard.

Well, if you learn more about the game conditions, as well as the number of bonuses and payout ratios, you can count on the profitability of future bets. By the way, the approximate return percentage of the emulator is 96.2%, and this indicator largely demonstrates the slot machine profitability.

Gem Rocks slot machine is a free game without registration

The first thing that players can notice is original design and unusual structure. This model has 6 lanes with 4 rows of symbols each. There are as many as 4096 ways to collect a combination. The bet is placed on every spin and ranges from 50 cents to 50 euros. To collect the chain, it is required 3 to 6 identical images. They must be placed next to each other, and chains are formed from the leftmost reel. In total, the slot has 8 basic images. In some spins, their size may increase several times. As soon as the chain is assembled, the symbols within the selected line will be blown up. Empty spaces are immediately filled with new stones. The slot machine offers several additional features that emphasize its originality.

Gem Rocks slot machine symbols
All images are of precious stones. They may have different shapes or colors. Sometimes elements fall vertically as a chain, or occupy several cells at once. So the symbol can increase to 2 by 2, or even 4 by 4 cells.

The value of symbols is shown in a special paytable. Here you can see that the largest multiplier is 200 bets. To get it, the player has to collect the maximum chain of red and yellow stars. Wild and Scatter symbols are not provided in the slot machine, but the increase in images' size and modification of their forms allows players to win often and big! The payout ratios can be viewed in detail in a special table.

Bonus game in Gem Rocks

There is no Risk round in the Gem Rocks online emulator, so the money immediately ends up in the player's account. But users can enjoy some additional features:

— After the winning chain explosion, the vacant places are immediately occupied by other pictures. If another chain is collected, the explosion is repeated. This happens as long as the symbols appearing form a combination. The player does not perform any spins during this time.

— Another option is to continue the previous round. When there are2 or more sequential launches, the Rock Monster may appear on the screen. It looks like some kind of stone monster. It is a huge symbol that occupies several cells at once. Its appearance leads to additional bonuses, which, of course, are reflected in the profitability of the game.

There is no progressive jackpot in the slot. But the frequency and level of payments here will please any player, because payments here happen quite often. If you want to check it yourself, activate the emulator and enjoy the perfect game in your free time!

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